Terrific Tenerife

February 2011
Lindsay and I had the most wonderful holiday on the isle of Tenerife in the resort of Adeje.  
We stayed at the Bahia Principe which is virtually a complete resort in itself - everything you need to relax and chill out under a baking hot sun.  Most days the temperatures were in the low 80s, too hot for me to sunbathe so I spent most of the time in the shade.
From the moment we arrived we were bowled over by the sheer luxury of the reception hall.  
It was dark when we arrived so didn't get to appreciate the magnificent gardens until the next morning.  We could not believe the variety of tropical plants, cactus and at least 20 different kinds of palm trees. Other trees were so perfectly manicured, they didn't seem real,
see picture 3 Even though it was half term and there were loads of kids, they were all so well behaved and didn't bother anyone.  Everywhere was spotlessly clean, we have nothing but praise for the cleaning crews.  It was an all inclusive holiday so we expected a limited choice of places to eat - how wrong we were.  The main restaurant served an incredible selection of foods from all over Europe and there were also specialist restaurants, Mexican, Asian, Spanish and Italian.  When you consider that all the booze you could consume was free, you'd expect to see a few drunks - we didn't see anyone "under the influence."

We did one incredible excursion to Mount Teide, a dormant volcano.  The scenery was breathtaking as you'll see in the pictures below.  We took dozens more than are shown here, just click on the tumbnail, then click the back arrow to return here.


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1. Reception


2. Gardens


3. Trees


4. Pool one


5. Pool two


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08 Lindsay Mount Teide.JPG (87174 bytes)

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10 Lava Peaks.JPG (95610 bytes)

6. Pool three

7. Coastal Walk

8. Mount Teide

9. Mount Teide

10. Lava rocks

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One of the craters on Mount Teide

 Some of the beautiful flowers

The Gardens

Main Bar

Pool Three

Teide.jpg (117093 bytes)

Yes that is snow on Mount Teide and on the right, the stairs in the reception hall

Reception-2.JPG (119425 bytes)