Bernie Quayle
Wonderful World of the  Wireless
Childhood Memories

Douglas Carnival

Dad was most enthusiastic when the Douglas Carnival was revived in the late 40s. He had been a keen supporter from as early as 1923, as in the picture on the right.
Dad is on the right, his brother Leo centre and an unidentified friend on the left.  They were part of a large entry in the decorated bicycle class for the carnival.
In 1950 I helped dad decorate my bike, and sister Pauline with her scooter.  Her entry was depicting the nursery rhyme Rock-a-bye Baby
I won first prize, only because I was the only entrant in the class, Pauline also received an award. We're pictured below in 1950.

By 1953, Callister & Quayle had upgraded from the handcarts the joiners 
used for transporting their tools and wood to jobs. Pity really because 
they were very handy for collecting material for the bonfires we used to 
build on Douglas beach every Guy Fawkes night - no health and safety 
rules in those days.  So now the firm had a small lorry and dad created 
a Manx Village scene for the carnival that year. On the float, I'm the one
allegedly dressed as a Viking, cousin Eileen Turnbull is at the spinning 
wheel.  Cousin Kathleen Lillie is a milkmaid with a cow borrowed from 
St. Mary's church Christmas crib scene. Also on the float, sister Pauline 
and cousin Sandra Lillie.

(More to follow)