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                       1971 - WOHO Toledo, Ohio

Located in the southwest corner of Lake Erie, Toledo is one of the busiest ports in America, almost all the imported cars enter through this very industrialised city. WOHO was was part of the Midwestern Broadcasting Group, owned and operated by Lou Dickey (Senior) Lou was one of the most dynamic businessmen I've ever met, a trait which has passed on to his sons who now, it seems, run most  of the radio stations in America.
Don Armstrong wanted to repeat the phenomena of my arrival in Knoxville and I did all the same sort of promotions but was now beginning to feel a little jaded and believe it or not, a little old for the hard driving top 40 format.  Lou Dickey was very quick to recognise the changing patterns of listening habits.  Most of the power house stations were on AM but music sounded so much better on FM.  Lou purchased a failing FM station and renamed it WXEZ. With the American pronunciation of zee not the British zed, it was EZ (easy) Listening for Toledo and became very successful. Ronnie Aldrich had released a double album and the cover had numerous photographs of the Isle of Man.  I was so pleased to see this and made sure that plenty of his music was featured on wxez.  Once again, Lou Dickey showed great foresight and made the station into one of the very first fully automated stations that used a simple computer to drive the tape decks and cartridge machines.  With the installation came a change of format.  I suppose it could be called soft rock, the call letters didn't change but it was referred to on air as Z-105 (zee)  I took over the programming for this new station, which was housed in the same building as WOHO, but it meant that once I had fed all the data into the computer for the day, a one hour job, I had nothing else to do. That's when I got involved in our talk shows.
 As you'll see on the billboard, they were given the name of Rap, a long time before rap music hit the scene.  That's an image of me on the left of the bill boardThere were five different hosts covering 7 pm to 6 am and I was given the task of finding guests and topics.  One of the more sensational guests was Uri Geller (right) who was just starting the "showbiz" side to his new found fame. Here's a 60 second promo that went on the Rap programme:

 I was tipped off about Uri by a previous guest, astronaut Edgar Mitchell who had worked with Uri conducting scientific research.  Producing and often hosting the late night talk shows was an incredible experience, another memorable guest was Jane Fonda, who had acquired the nickname of Hanoi Hannah because of her anti war stance, my problem was that when looking at her, it was hard to see her in this role, I could only see Barbarella!

By the end of the seventies, I was really homesick, I hadn't seen my parents in 8 years.  An opportunity opened at Manx Radio so decided to return home.  Fellow presenter, Mike Moran, telephoned me on my last day, and the following is a recording of that interview.   That takes me to the present - see 1989 - 2007

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