Bernie Quayle
Sir Bernard - Knight of the Turntabl
Page Three

As the motorcade left the airport, a light airplane took off towing a huge banner emblazoned  with "Welcome to Knoxville, Sir Bernard."  That plane flew over the city every morning for the following week.  My arrival was early on Saturday afternoon, and the first engagement was as guest of honour at a massive garden party - followed by a banquet that evening.  My head didn't stop spinning.
t was on the 30 minute drive into Knoxville that Don dropped the bombshell - I was going to present the breakfast show on Monday morning!  I said don't be ridiculous, I'm a complete novice, only to be told, it didn't matter, as long as I sounded British and that's all they needed.  In the early hours of the morning, WNOX was heard by all the neighbouring states and they had done an amazing job promoting my arrival so the audience was  massive - I was quaking in my boots.  Somehow, it all worked and my feet never touched the ground for months.

  I was invited to MC so many events, especially the preliminary rounds of Miss America.  Every county in the state held pageants.  With so much publicity, I began to attract the attention of national magazines.  did a three page spread on the British DJ taking the country by storm.  For two years I lived with two personalities, I think it was the only way I kept my sanity.  As Bernie Quayle I watched in amazement the incredible rise to fame of Sir Bernard. 

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