Bernie Quayle
Sir Bernard - Knight of the Turntabl
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George Turnbull was the detective inspector in charge of the raid on the casino which opened in 1964 and was then operated by a group of Americans.  As a result of the raid, uncle George had worked  closely with the FBI in London and had made friends with one particular agent.  George phoned him and they discussed my application, next thing I knew, my visa was approved!
My departure date was just two weeks later and I was relieved to know that WNOX had not given up on their offer.  They asked me to get myself off to Carnaby Street and get kitted out in the latest mod' fashions, they even wired me a clothing allowance!  I was told to collect my airline tickets from BOAC and at their office in Regent Street, I was questioned about the name on the ticket - Sir Bernard.  That was my first inkling of what they had planned.  For two weeks, WNOX had been promoting the arrival of "Britain's Top DJ"  I'd been dubbed a Knight of the Turntable and called Sir Bernard, oh, and by the way, the American pronunciation of Bernard, rhymes with hard.
When the plane touched down in Knoxville, I couldn't believe my eyes, there were literally thousands of people, many waving banners with my name on them.  I was asked to stay on board while the other passengers disembarked.  A red carpet was rolled up to the steps and 2,000 people rushed out from behind the barriers.  Don Armstrong, ran up the steps to greet me and began interviewing me - live on the radio. I was then greeted by the mayor of Knoxville who presented me with the Key to the City.  The University of Tennessee marching band were playing the God Save the Queen and I was presented with the very first Triumph TR6 to be imported into the States - my name was emblazoned on the side.

Following the ceremony at the airport, I was driven
in the TR6 ahead of an 80 strong motorcade complete 
with two police motorcycle outriders in to the city.

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