Wonderful World of the  Wireless
My life in radio by Bernie Quayle

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July 2007 was the 40th anniversary of my first broadcast on Manx Radio and for this, I produced a two hour documentary in which I traced some of the people I worked with in the 60s. (audio links)   The studios were then located on Loch Promenade, Douglas.  I hadn't planned a career in radio, it happened quite by accident, more details on that below.

My love of radio can be traced to my earliest childhood, a time when everyone was glued to the wireless for the latest news from the battlefields of WW2.  We were certainly well informed by the BBC, I remember dad and my brother plotting the allies advancement  on a giant map in our living room. With an Irish mother, Radio Eireann was also a popular choice in our house. There were so many good music programmes presented by people like Henry Hall and of course, the comedy shows like ITMA, or "Much Binding in the Marsh"  Dramatic serials like "Dick Barton, Special Agent" which was one of my favourites.

Dad loved tinkering with gadgets, our cupboard under the stairs was filled with radio valves and all the other paraphernalia to make them work, but that was just his hobby.  He was a qualified master carpenter and was in business with partner Bill Callister, trading as "Callister and Quayle, Joiners."  One of his jobs was to construct a "radio shack" in the grounds of the home of T.H. Colebourn in Ballasalla.  As part payment for the work, dad was given a short-wave transceiver which meant he could communicate with the world.  So my earliest radio memories were of my father broadcasting to the world from our attic at 9 Upper Church Street Douglas in the early 1940s.  For me, life has come full circle with people tuning in to the Late Show on Manx Radio, around the world via the Internet.  Click on the links below for stories, anecdotes, audio, video and photographs of my lifetime connection to the "Wonderful World of the Wireless."